fredag 20. mai 2011

Ways the Nazi escaped from Europe to South America

Senior German criminals escaped by the use of different ratlines spread over Europe. There would be two networks that organized the operation: one operated through contacts in the Vatican and the other through the CIA, called at that time OSS (Overseas Secret Service).

The flight network in which the Vatican intervened was called "the route of the monasteries " or "the path of the rats" and was the most effective of all escape routes planned by the conspirators of the Maison Rouge in Strasbourg. Matching estimates indicate that five thousand Nazi leaders managed to escape thanks to this organization. Its headquarters were in the Italian capital, operating from offices under the umbrella of the Pontifical Commission of Assistance (PCA).

It was thanks to Italian and Vatican support that many fugitives managed to arrive in Argentina. In December 1946, Peron had made a man of the church by the newly Daie (Argentina Delegation of Immigration in Europe) whose headquarters was located in Rome. The priest Jose Clemente Silva, brother of General Peron's ultra-nationalist and friend, Oscar Silva, immediately went to Italy with instructions to organize the junction of four million Europeans to Argentina at a rate of 30,000 per month.

Permits entry were provided by the Directorate of Migration in Buenos Aires, the Red Cross passports, visas by the Argentine consulate and the ships of the line Dodero carrying the precious cargo from Genoa to Buenos Aires.

"Organization of Former SS Members" is the name commonly given to the network of secret collaboration developed by Nazi groups to help escape SS members from Germany to other countries where they were safe, especially to Spain and South America.

This secret organization helped the former Nazi leaders to refugees in Argentina, Brazil and Spain mainly after the Second World War. Most of its members residing in Madrid. There is no evidence that the organization today, it is likely that given the age of the survivors, it no longer exists.

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